Anatomy Workshop 2013 Defo Gallery Budapest The workshop was designed specifically for this location and incorporated anatomic studies in its program. The anatomy exercises were based on Barcsay’s work “Anatomy for the Artist”. The exercises included mapping life-size figures by tracing them on the floor. The students were to draw each other’s outlines lying on the floor. This exercise requires body contact, full confidence and cooperation. The silhouettes created by the students were then “filled in” by anatomic drawings, after studying and learning the full skeleton. The students would correct and complete each other’s drawings. Gallery Defo is located on the corner of Béla Bartók and Frigyes Karinthy streets. So we decided to choose the charachters of Bartók and Karinthy (hungarian writer and poet, 1887-1938) sitting at a table, drinking coffee and having a discussion. An abstract view evolves from this scene in the shop window, as the viewer sees only the skelets of the two geniuses. Materials We built up the bodies using cardboard boxes. The boxes represented a generic proportional system, given that 5 boxes would make the size of a grown person. The shapes of the skeletons were cut into the boxes, resulting a three-dimensional, lace-like object. The intellectual content would be reinforced by special lighting, completed with an interior of a collage made up from Bartók’s music notes, quotes from Karinthy and parts of a city map.

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