Maypole project/OFF-Biennale Budapest



"Májusfa" art education workshops and public art exhibition at the Moebius Art School feat. Vilmos Vajdai (TÁP Theatre Group), László Kistamás (eat art), Csaba Lódy (film screening – American experimental films), Cosa Polska (live concert)

@ Pagony (1114 Kemenes utca 10.) Tamás Komoróczky & Moebius Art School (Luca Korodi, Donáta Gajzágó) Open: May 7, May 14, May 21, May 28, 2015

A May pole or May tree is a symbolic requisite in folk traditions across Europe, celebrating the rebirth of nature after long, cold and dark winters. We used this symbol as a conceptual framework to create a unique abstract sculpture as a result of a four-week workshop in our school. The students elaborated sub-topics as freedom, empathy, solidarity and equality in a pre-production phase. They were free to choose their form of expression, as long as it would fit in the overall concept made by the whole group. This was also a discipline for them to put their individuality and – sometimes – gracious ideas aside for the sake of a common purpose.

After “planting” the 6m tall iron pole at the neighboring open-air location “Pagony” in the beginning of May, we flagged it up during the following weeks. The “flags” were produced with combined techniques as painting, stencils, photographic slides etc. featuring quotes, artworks and portraits of influential poets and artists from the European heritage.

The four “flagging” events also gave place to live performances, film screenings and eat-art actions, creating an inspiring social art scenery in the heart of Budapest.

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